Friday, May 30, 2008

The Conflict and Communication Activity Book: 30 High-Impact Training Exercises for Adult Learners

By Bill Withers, Keami D. Lewis
Publisher: AMACOM
Number Of Pages: 256
Publication Date: 2003-06-02
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0814471676
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780814471678
Binding: Paperback

Every workplace has its share of conflict, and one of training's universal goals is to help organizations resolve it in a way that brings benefit to everyone involved. This timely activity book offers 30 ready-to-use exercises trainers can use to help workshop participants communicate more effectively and create positive outcomes from conflict situations. The Conflict and Communication Activity Book features:
* Field-proven exercises from the authors' worldwide experience * Easy-to-follow instructions for preparation, additional reading, and Q & A processes * Valuable essays on handling conflict situations * An Exercise Matrix to sort activities by type, length, and other parameters
It also includes a jam-packed Trainer's Toolbox containing more than sixty handouts, flipcharts, and overheads; workshop agendas; instructions for breakout sessions; and tons more. From the quick-fix solutions of the "My Workshop Starts in Five Minutes" section to fully developed sessions, this book will be every educator's best friend.
Summary: Great resource!Rating: 5
I looked at a lot of books before I ordered this one from Amazon, and I'm glad I did. The training exercises are great and exactly what I needed to complement my planned training. The exercises are well explained, interesting, and provocative. The only thing I'd add is that as an HR professional, I'd make some slight changes to one or two exercises to not focus on physical characteristics.
Worth the investment and a great source even if you're just looking for icebreakers for other types of training.
Summary: Experiential LearningRating: 5
I recommend this book to people using experiential exercises to teach. I used one of the exercises from this book in a workshop and the students both had fun and got the insights. I have read many of the exercises and plan to use them as I develop workshops that center around conflict. In any case, the exercises are well designed. You'll get the purpose of the exercise and what it's intended to teach, equipment needed (e.g. handout or flipchart), precise directions for the students, what to expect, and insights to share for group learning. The book errs on giving you more information that you probably need to carry out the exercise.
Summary: Finally a good book in business gamesRating: 5
I have bought many books with hundreds of business games. Unlike the rest of the books I have read, it goes beyond the games, it gives you not only the materials and explanation on how it works but tells you what you may say and the theory behind the game. It also has different options for putting your own agenda depending on the time you have available and give you external resources.
If you want something practical and useful, this is the one
Summary: Training and OD Professionals: Get This One!!Rating: 5
The "Conflict and Communication Activity Book" is an excellent resource for trainers and facilitators in any organization. I particularly liked how Withers and Lewis formatted the book, defining up front the purpose as well as the equipment, prep and time needed for each specific exercise. The clear instructions and helpful advice provided for each activity make them a breeze for any professional to use. Well done!! As I read through it the first time, I found myself book-marking several of the activities to make a point of trying in the near future. I long ago arrived at the conclusion that no organization will EVER stop dealing with conflict and communication issues. They're universal. Thanks for giving me thirty more creative exercises to include in my bag of tricks!!

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