Friday, May 30, 2008

Encyclopedia of Conflict Resolution

ABC-Clio Inc
1997 356 pages
ISBN-10: 0874368391
1.21 MB CHM
The goal of this volume is "to make the broad conflict resolution knowledge base more accessible." Covering both deep-rooted conflicts and short-term negotiable disputes, the authors, codirectors of the Conflict Research Consortium at the University of Colorado at Boulder, furnish an inside look at a relatively new scholarly and professional field. Conflicts and disputes, from a basic two-party personal relationship to a showdown between superpowers, and the context in which these disputes occur are discussed. Labor-management issues, public-policy conflicts, business negotiations, victim-offender reconciliation, and tension between social groups, as well as those conflicts that occur in personal relationships, all have their place in this volume, which presents the competing viewpoints prevalent in the field.The encyclopedia defines central concepts in entries such as alternative dispute resolution (ADR), arbitration, mediation, and negotiation, and provides explanations for common terms and phrases, such as collaborative problem solving, interest groups, and nonnegotiable issues. There are entries for ethical and legal issues, important organizations, and individuals, such as Henry Kissinger and Martin Luther King Jr., as well as critical cases and events in the history of conflict resolution, such as the Camp David Accords and the Persian Gulf War.The introduction provides relevant background information on the development of the field of conflict resolution and a general overview of the contents. Entries are arranged alphabetically and vary in length from a few paragraphs to several pages. See also references guide the reader to related terms and entries. Each entry concludes with a brief bibliography of related titles, including relevant Internet addresses. Appendixes provide access to conflict-resolution organizations, ADR professionals, conferences, and training providers. The volume concludes with a 14-page bibliography and an index.The authors' intention is that this unique encyclopedia will be useful to both nonprofessionals and beginning professionals in the field. It should assist readers in sorting through the many dispute-resolution techniques and options, as well as provide definitions of terms, details of historic events, and biographical information on important people in the field. Academic and large public libraries will find this a useful addition to their collections.

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