Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fundamentals of Financial Management

By Eugene F. Brigham, Joel F. Houston
Publisher: South-Western College Pub
Number Of Pages: 928
Publication Date: 2003-03-14
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0324178298
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780324178296
Binding: Hardcover

The market leader, Brigham/Houston continues to grow in reputation as the most effective approach for learning basic finance principles, tools, and applications. It is also updated to reflect the latest in theory, research, real-world examples, and use of technology. The seamless, integrated ancillary package - done by the authors - is a hallmark of this package that makes the subject more accessible for learners.

Summary: Will not learn Fundamentals by example
Rating: 3
This book was purchased as recommended by the teacher. It is great for general theory and understanding.
However this book has most examples showen by instructing you to type on a texas instrumnet financial calculator.
So I consider it a bad choice for leaning the fundementals by example.

In the book it tells you to type in sequence of calculator keys on a finacnial calcualtor, so you realy will fail to learn the fundemenatls by example.

This book is bad for leaning by example in my opinion and I would not recommended this book if you have another choice.
Also, the CD comes with power point slides but no notes, so you cannot review slides and learn in your own time.
The same problem with Quiz on CD, you cannot check your answers and review and learn.

Summary: Principles of Finance
Rating: 5
Very helpful book. Has many features to help learn the material well. I would recommend it too anyone.

Summary: A Wonderful Resource - Excellent for CFA Studies
Rating: 5
Brigham & Young's book is prescribed for the CFA curriculum. I find Fundamentals of Financial Management to be excellent in all respects. Twenty years ago, I studied earlier editions of Fundamentals and Intermediate Financial Management while earning my MBA. I was impressed then and I am even more impressed with the authors efforts now.

The table of contents organizes topical material in a progressive and logical manner. Chapters exploring financial management and markets, cost of capital, capital budgeting, cash flow estimation and risk analysis, capital structure and leverage, and divident policy provide readers with a solid foundation of these concepts.

I am very impressed with the authors continued commitment to accuracy. (The authors offer a $10 reward to the first person who discovers material errors.) What a pleasure it is to read chapters and illustrative examples knowing that there aren't many miscalculations or sloppy mistakes.

Colorful graphic presentations and chapter-end review questions make this book wonderful to read. The CD-ROM has thus far provided me helpful chapter review quizzes which are "graded" on the spot, and the book provides a myriad of website references for further study and inquiry.

Truly a 5 star book! I highly recommend this to any investment professional or serious student of finance.

Summary: not good
Rating: 1
i ordered the book and i didnt recieve the one i ordered, i got one similiar but not the same one in the picture, i got the international student edition

Summary: I don't understand why not a review for this book here...
Rating: 5
Now I am working for a financing related field where I am handling "capital budgeting", "corporate or project valuation" and "project finance". When I went to college, the Brigham
was the famous and reputable textbook but I didn't know why.
But while working in the real world, I have recognized that the book is very very helpful for reconfirming my finance knowledge as well as understanding any areas I didn't grasp in the past.
For beginners, I would like to strongly recommend "abridged edition" which is very brief but covering almost all significant financial topics, NEVERTHELESS, it is very understandable. I think it's the first MUST-READ for finance-major students.


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